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Our latest promotion gives customers an incentive when purchasing Revo K04 turbo kits by offering a free Stage 3 upgrade for existing customers running Stage 1 or 2 Revo Software. For customers running competitor software or stock, they will get Stage 3 for the price of Stage 1. We have written text below which we recommend you use for press releases or social media posts.

k04REVO-2 k04REVO-1

What`s included in the offer?
There are two turbo fitments included in the promotion listed below, you can click the link to see product pages on our website.
RT991M100100 - Revo 2.0 TSI EA888 Transverse Turbo
RT991M100300 - Revo 2.0 TFSI Transverse Turbo
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When is the last time you said “I have enough power”?
That’s right; never! How does “Stage 3 For Free” sound?

Purchase the legendary Revo K04 Turbo Upgrade Kit and for a limited time get the Stage 3 Software for free if you are already running Revo Stage 1 or 2 software.

If you aren’t already part of the Revo family, not to worry! Pick up their K04 upgrade and Stage 1 software and get Stage 3 software as a thank you for joining the team.

Welcome to the Family!


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